Over the top profile pics.


Over the top profile pics.

picture of a woman in a bikini and heels.

picture of a woman in a bath towel.


picture of cleavage.

picture of cleavage and a tattoo.

picture of a man holding a newborn baby.

picture of man with arm around elderly mother.

picture of man kissing a litter of puppies.


picking up on a theme. I’ve noticed a lot of women who seem to think that the
way to a man’s heart is through his groin, so to speak. Conversely, men
sometimes try way too hard to prove they’re nice guys.


Women -
if you’re looking for long term, cleavage is the wrong message. It says you’re
looking for sex. I mean, seriously, you’re showing cleavage. Do you really
think a man’s first thought will be “Yippee, a woman with heart”?  Come on.  Go onto google images and do a search for “heart” then do a
search for “cleavage” – same region but vastly very different body parts.


in your bath towel don’t suggest long term either. Personally, when I see those
pictures, I can’t help but wonder if the woman is dirty and about to shower, or
if she’s freshly-scrubbed. But that’s how my brain works. A man’s brain is
different. However, he doesn’t think “there’s a woman with heart under that
towel” any more than I do. He thinks “there’s woman who’s naked under that


I’m not
trying to be mean. I’m just trying to suggest that you give yourself a shake.