"The Marriage Ref" Makes Us Want to Stay Single


"The Marriage Ref" Makes Us Want to Stay Single
Though we'd totally date Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld, and pro-"exercise pole" Kelly Ripa.

Sunday after the Vancouver Olympics closing ceremonies, we got a sneak peek at Jerry Seinfeld's new show, The Marriage Ref. The idea behind the Seinfeld-produced show centers around the fact that, apparently, all married couples fight about absolutely inane topics, and the only way to resolve their issues is to take it to a celebrity expert panel—in this case, Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa, and, ahem, Alec Baldwin.

Regarding Alec Baldwin, as the host and "marriage ref" Tom Papa pointed out, "If you are, been, just got, or are getting out of marriage—we consider you an expert!"


The couples present their case via taped segments from their homes and sofas. Then the celeb panel weighs in and cracks wise. Then ref Tom Papa gives the couples a final decision, via satellite.

Sunday's preview show featured two couples and two memorable arguments. New Yorkers Danielle and Kevin were arguing over their dog, Fonzi. Did we mention Fonzi is dead?

As Alex Baldwin said, "Women come and go, but a stuffed dog is forever." Kelly Ripa weighed in: "And she's gotta be thinking, what will happen to me when I go?" The verdict? The panel and ref sided with Danielle, and poor Fonz was banished to the attic.

The second couple, Georgians Greg and Dianah, has been married for nine years. In order to spice things up in the bedroom, Greg has suggested installing a stripper pole—sorry, "exercise pole—in their bedroom. (Can we just say that we love Dianah?)

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