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Tiger Woods' Apology Slows The Stock Market


Traders stop to watch his 13+ minute apology.

Absolutely amazing.

Tiger Woods: "I Felt I Was Entitled"

Yesterday, the folks over at Accenture were complaining that Tiger's apology today would interfere with coverage of their sponsored World Match Play Championship. 

Should Tiger Have Apologized To The Porn Star?

It sure did, but that's not all. Who would have ever guessed that it would bring the New York Stock Exchange to a temporary halt?

Across the media landscape, time stopped for 13 1/2 minutes as Tiger Woods emerged from the shadows with a much-awaited, tightly packaged video apology for his sexual escapades.

At the New York Stock Exchange, the market slowed at 11 a.m. as traders watched Woods' remarks. Volume leveled off, then picked up momentum once he fell silent. [Source: AP via Yahoo]

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