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Drinking On A Date: How Much Is Too Much?

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If you really want to give this date a shot, hold off on the booze.

Despite what the delicate flowers of Rock of Love would have you believe, getting wasted on a date isn't always the way to go. Best case scenario, a glass of wine helps you relax and enjoy yourself. On the other end of the spectrum, after six cosmos, you end up throwing up on your date, making a complete jackass of yourself in public and getting banned from Chili's for life.

Do we even need to mention ruining your chances with a potential Mr. Right through your jank behavior? The point here is to exercise some courtesy and behave in a manner that's going to show off your sparkling personality while making you and your date comfortable and safe—not completely embarrassed. Lemondrop: He Said/She Said Advice—First-Date Dos and Don'ts

Let's use a first date lasting a couple of hours and a woman who's a light-to-moderate drinker as an example. Adjust as necessary, depending on your hooch-tolerance level.

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Written by Liz Scott for Lemondrop.


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