Valentine's Day Weddings & Proposals (So Cute!)


Stories of couples who got engaged or married on Valentine’s Day.

Love or hate it, Valentine's Day puts the pressure on all of us to step up our game and romance the heck out of our loved ones. Some people go the chocolates and flowers route. Others plan elaborate and sensuous meals. Still others look to the big day as an excuse to escape on a romantic getaway. But try living up to these couples: Some of them got engaged on Valentine's Day, and still others had their actual weddings on February 14. So was it the lovey-dovey, fairytale event they'd always dreamed of? And how do they top such a thing years later? We asked couples who took VDay to the next level about their experiences. 5 Ways To Get Psyched For Valentine's Day

Love In A... Funeral Home?
First there's Barry Schwartz, who's been married to Doris for over 50 years. One Valentine's Day he took Doris on a date to Eddie Condon's Jazz Club in New York City, with an engagement ring tucked securely in his pocket. "I have a very important question to ask you," he announced. Then he "did the ridiculous. I plopped down on my knee. ... I had cued the band and so they surrounded us and, when I proposed—I was delighted that she accepted—they broke into a jazz version of 'My Funny Valentine.'" The 10 Most Romantic Places To Get Engaged

Jennifer Campbell's story is more typical, but no less aww-inducing. Her now-husband, Carr, took her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. "We had been dating for a little over a year," she says, "so I figured it was about time [for him to propose]. But when I saw the big present, I figured not." It turns out that the crafty Carr had wrapped Jennifer's ring inside numerous boxes, so the outside one was huge. The grand unwrapping drew quite a few stares, making for one unforgettable memory. A year later there were married on VDay, as well.

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