He Said, She Said: Is Your Man Romantic Enough?


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Romance: How much do you need? Do most women want more romance in their relationships?

JENNY: When my boyfriend Howard and I wrote our book, Women are Crazy, Men are Stupid, we had a great format that worked well for both of us. Howard started the chapter—or, as I told him, "He led the way"—and I got to finish the chapter—or, as he says, I got to have the last word.

To tell you the truth, I thought this book would break us up. I was against writing it from the get-go, and we actually had a few fights about it. Relationships are hard enough as it is; why pile on the additional pressure of dissecting yours for all the world to see? After we discussed it (loudly) for almost a week, I realized that maybe it would be fun (doubtful) or, better yet, romantic to write a book together. Thoughts of us on a park bench, my head in his lap, as we discussed each chapter filled my head. 9 Things I Learned About Women From Editing Maxim


As it turned out, writing the book wasn't so romantic. It was really hard, and romance remains the number one topic on our metaphorical "relationship plate." And even though Howard does wonderful little things, like hold my popcorn at the movie theater (and he doesn't even eat it!), we've still discussed, analyzed, fought, laughed and fought some more over romance so many times, it's the bane of our existence.

And we're not alone. I've said it a thousand times: Romance is the number one issue in relationships where women feel dissatisfied. Sure, that's a sweeping generalization, but I'm pretty sure if you give me fifteen minutes alone with any woman, I could get her all riled up about romance. "What? He never makes you breakfast in bed? What? It was a decade ago since you've gotten flowers? What? He can spend twenty minutes rubbing the dog's belly, but never yours?" 

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