Young divorcee finds new love


Steph married her high school sweetheart (yeh, it still happens). They went to different colleges but remained faithful and married right after graduation. Low and behold it didn't work out. They found each other growing into very different people that although adored each other's 9th grade sensibilities weren't on the same page as adults. So Steph found herself at 27 dating for the first time.



Steph had to learn dating 101. She literally had no idea how to date because she never had. She needed the basics from how to dress for dates (so I did a complete wardrobe analysis for her) to how to flirt (so we went to bars and I showed her) to the dos/dont's of first date conversation (so we role played) and beyond to every topic you can imagine (when/how to follow up, managing expectations, dealing with sex, rejection, analyzing her experiences and so on).


Eventually Steph learned to love her single life and learned that her now ex-husband was a far cry from the type of man she wanted/needed in her life. She is engaged now to an awesome guy planning to get married in the summer!

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