Confused ex-CEO becomes Confident Happy Dater



“Okay girls, I’ll be direct….I think Bobbi is one of the best kept secrets on the planet!  She has this amazingly magical way of kindly hitting me square between the eyes with the confidence I need to understand the “real truth" about men and about myself.  This usually happens when I am spiraling down my merry little path of destruction where I am thinking and analyzing way too much; and it's usually negative...and wrong! 


The poor man I am interested in never even has a chance because I am already 2 miles down the road before he can even take a breath!  Yup admittedly, I am doing this all out of FEAR of gawd knows what!   You know the Dr. Phil line “How’s it working for you so far?” Not very well; so enter Bobbi into my life.  

I started working with Bobbi 2 months ago because I really wanted to learn the secrets of dating effectively. It’s been a fascinating experience; I've learned things like why it's so important that Iearn to take compliments. She's taught me how to have compassion for men, and guided me on what to share, how, and when. And so, so much more.


I’ve been married before, a CEO of a company and a VP for many large multinational companies…and could I figure this out?  Nope.  Bobbi has helped me to understand what works and doesn’t work with men, and she has given me the awareness tools around my confidence, femininity, and kindness needed to interrelate with men on an intimate level, and for all my relationships for that matter. 


I have “Ah-hah’s” every time I talk with Bobbi and then I actually go out and try what she says and it works with men!  It gives me a sense of calm and makes me smile inside.  I had no idea about the subliminal messaging I was sending out!  


Well the mojo has shifted thanks to Bobbi and now I am down my merry path of dating and selecting the man who actually fits.  Bobbi’s expert and compassionate coaching, sense of humor, and hands on experience has really helped me to navigate what I am truly looking for in a man, and not be afraid to go get it.  This is one of the best investments I have ever made!


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Bobbi Palmer

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The Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40 and founder of Date LIke a Grownup.
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Location: Long Beach, CA
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Specialties: Communication Problems, Dating/Being Single Support, Empowering Women, Wellness
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