10 Phrases Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want To Hear


things not to say to your boyfriend
An honest relationship is one thing, but consider keeping these 10 comments to yourself.

You pride yourself on your open, honest relationship. But that doesn't mean you should blurt out any thought that comes to mind.

Sometimes, a comment that seems perfectly harmless to you might be hurtful, awkward or just plain irritating to your boyfriend. Annoying Habits Can Ruin Relationships


Excelle has identified 10 such comments. Ignore us at your own risk.

1) "My ex did the exact same thing!"
Whether it's a positive correlation (they both always hold the door open) or a negative one (neither one showers often enough), your boyfriend never wants to hear that he's anything like your ex. Ever. What I Learned From My Ex

You don't want him to feel like you're always comparing the two of them, do you? Think about it: Do you really want him to imagine that he does other things just like your ex? Doubtful. Plus, he might think you're still hung up on your former flame.

Either way, a comment like this won't do much for his self-esteem. So the next time you experience boyfriend deja-vu, keep it to yourself.

2) "Helen's pregnant… Shhhh"
Remember on Sex and the City when Carrie tells Aidan that Miranda's pregnant but that he can't tell Steve? Remember how upset Aidan was to hear the incriminating news? Your boyfriend doesn't want to hear information that could get him into trouble. And even if he does want to hear it, he really shouldn't. Don't burden him with someone else's secret. And besides, if he does spill the beans, your friend is going to be mad at you, not him.

Along the same lines, he doesn't want to hear about your friend's yeast infections, her irregular periods or her IBS. It's bad enough he has to hear about yours. 10 Secrets Women Keep From Men

3) "When we're married/have kids…"
It's natural to fantasize about wedded bliss and the three kids you and your beau will one day spawn — you're only human. And sometimes you might even entertain this fantasy very early on in a relationship. But unless you want to scare him away permanently, keep thoughts like these in your head where they belong.

Even if he himself has thought about your happily-ever-after future, he probably doesn't want to hear it described out loud just yet. Wait until you're sure you're on the same page regarding marriage, kids, and the future of your relationship before you start prophesizing. A gut feeling probably isn't good enough. Why I Proposed To Him

4) "Do you think she's pretty?"
When you ask a question like this, your boyfriend knows he can't win.

If he says "yes," you'll probably get jealous and upset (whether or not you show it, see #5). You might even follow up with "Is she prettier than me?" Talk about a loaded question!

Of course, if he says "no" (and she clearly is pretty), you'll accuse him of being a liar. You'll wonder what else he's lying about, even as you assure him you don't mind if he says "yes." Pfff…as if you're that insecure! Feeling Jealous? Could Be A Good Thing

Has he managed to convince you that he genuinely doesn't find her attractive at all? You'll wonder what his bad taste says about you.


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