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Has John Mayer Seduced Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift and Joh Mayer

Poor Taylor Lautner. Do good guys always finish last?

Last night, at the People's Choice Awards, Taylor Swift gave ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner a standing ovation when he won the award for Favorite Break-Out Movie Actor. Cuteness! And as our friends at rightly ask: Why Can't These Two Just Stay Together?

Well, two new theories have cropped up, and guess what? John Mayer is front and center. Of course! Who Should The Taylors Date Next?

Did John Mayer break up Taylor Squared? Probably not, but John Mayer asked Taylor Swift to sing on his single "Half of My Heart" and a "pal" says he has a crush on her. In a daring move, Swift rejected Mayer's advances, but Taylor Lautner is still "devastated." [OK! magazine via]

Interesting fact: the two did perform a duet of Mayer's Your Body Is A Wonderland last spring. Was it then that Mayer cast his first spell of enchantment?

Another theory put forth involves Lautner's rekindled affections for his ex, Selena Gomez: "Taylor Lautner rekindled his relationship with Selena Gomez after he sent her a 'Happy Thanksgiving' text. As for Taylor Swift, 'He liked all the attention they got, but apart from their name they don't have much in common," says a source. [Star magazine via Jezebel]

While it's doubtful that head-over-heels Lautner had eyes for anyone but Swifty, there just might be something to the John Mayer connection. An older, charming man would certainly know how to give a young doe such as Taylor the twitterpation she so desires. Why Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Broke Up

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