The Delusions of a 40+ Single Man


The Delusions of a 40+ Single Man


I agree
that few 26 yr olds are thinking about having 4 kids with a 45 yr old.
But as a 41 yr old, so far I've  had no problem meeting ladies who are
between 25 and 30, and who know how many kids i want (it's all
disclosed in my online profiles).- New_NYC_Resident


Giraud: "And the 41 yr old guy who wants 3-4 kids.. sure you can make
em, but can you keep up with em? ( eye roll ) Get real, studley".
((double eye roll)) I run marathons and run 3 businesses... the question will be, can they keep up with me? LOL! :-) - New_NYC_Resident

that being said (and to stay on topic), the answer to Moxie's original
question (in my case) is a resounding YES. I've gotten Match emails
from women who are 40 and close to a 10 on the looks scale, and i have
ZERO interest in dating them. The reason is that i don't want to lead
them on, or waste their time or mine. Unless someone is my potential
future wife, i won't expend any effort on them, even if i know they
will have sex with me.As i move down from age 40, there is a sliding scale tradeoff
between age and beauty. There is no black and white "cut-off point" on
either. The reason? I want to leave the option open of having 3 or 4 of my
own kids, and don't want to be rushed into it. To add to that, I want
to spend 3 to 5 years travelling and partying with my new wife before
having kids. - New_NYC_Resident

here's something I want to discuss. Even more so after reviewing about
5 dozen profiles from the other day where 80% of the men over
40 and up to 46 were only interested in dating women under 35 because
the "definitely" wanted kids.