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being patient is a virtue


It's a bit hard during the holidays to be lonely.

Thank God for my girls are visiting me, but when they wake up today, they will be leaving to their own lives.
I am very fortunate to have them.
We had a wonderful time together. We had a nice dinner and we all sat down to enjoy the feast.

I just realized that I hope they don't come because they feel sorry for me. But that can't be, they also must missed our holidays together.

They are both independent living their own lives in different states. I am so proud of them, we keep on contact always. Thank God I had children or I would be lonely all the time.

I am lookinf forward for one of my best friends (girl) to come for New Years Eve with her own teen boys, I still have 2 boys at home, I can't wait to talk all night and make plans for the future, she also married a looser.

We must go on with life and continue to plan for the future, and to be hopeful....
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