The Best Of The Web: Tiny Apartments & Your Purse


Why he REALLY didn't call you back, the foot fetish and almost finding "the one."

It's Friday, the interwebs have been throwing strikes all week. Here's the best they had to offer on love and relationships:

Our buddies at The Frisky found a pair of New Yorkers living in a stressful position: 175 square feet. The married couple (and 2 cats) has my sympathy. Check out this vid from Geico and be glad if you don't have to live in NYC or a house built for Hobbits.


Lemondrop's Phil Williams talks about what makes him a bad boyfriend. I'm a bad boyfriend too, Phil, but it's mostly because I say, "bo-ring" during foreplay.

The gang at Betty Confidential talks about gents who go to all-boys schools. Lots of pent-up sexuality and eager to please, right? Nope, they're bad news bears and bad boyfriends, find out why.

Em & Lo ( discuss what items in a woman's purse mean. Some good insight in there. They didn't have to tell me what a Valtrex bottle means.

Glamour is a big fan of silver linings and an even bigger fan of pop culture. To both of those ends, they break down what Jersey Shore can teach us about love. To which I say: too soon?

The blokes at Asylum produce 10 surprising stats about sexual habits and fidelity. Did you know, for men, that the likelihood of having an affair falls somewhere between the chances of dabbling in anal and accepting payment for sex?

I believe I'm obligated to mention Tiger-Tail at some point during a link roundup, so here goes:

Over at, Joy Behar called Rachel Utichel a hooker. I cannot wait to see Fred Armisen to do that one: "Who cares?"

Jay Michaelson from the Huffington Post tells us that monogamy is the exception to the rule. Ain't that a peach? I assume there's an implied, "if you're Tiger Woods."