John Edwards Kicks His Baby Mama Out


John Edwards Rielle Hunter house
After Rielle demands huge child support, John boots her from NC house.

Remember how John Edwards is a cheating dirtbag who had a baby with a campaign staffer while his wife was dying of cancer and then convinced another employee to claim he was the baby's father and then bought his mistress a house down the street from where his wife and other two kids live? Now, thanks to the National Enquirer, which has been staggeringly accurate on this story for years, we learn that John's mistress, Rielle Hunter, demanded $18,000 a MONTH in child support, so John booted her out of the house he bought her. Which is down the street from where his still cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, lives with their two younger children.

To recap: In October 2007, the Enquirer reported that Rielle Hunter, who had worked as a videographer on John's campaign for president, was pregnant with his kid. Rielle later said that the baby's father was actually Andrew Young, a married Edwards staffer, who moved Rielle into his family's home during her pregnancy. Rielle gave birth to a daughter in February 2008, a month after John suspended his presidential campaign. In July of last year, the Enquirer again claimed that John was the baby's father. He admitted an affair the following month, but again denied paternity. Earlier this year, federal prosecutors began investigating whether John spent campaign funds to cover up the affair, and Rielle was called to testify before a grand jury. That case is ongoing. John Edwards' Affair Caused Elizabeth To Throw Up

In August, the Enquirer reported that John bought a house in Charlotte, NC, for Rielle and two-year-old Frances to live in. But Rielle wasn't satisfied with shelter for herself and her child, and apparently it never occurred to her to, you know, get a job. So she sent John an itemized list of monthly expenses she expected him to cover, including $3,000 for the mortgage payment—on the house he had already bought her—$400 for domestic help, $2,100 for babysitting, and $1,200 for a security guard, and $800 for dining out. Again, that's all PER MONTH. Is Having A Sugar Daddy Worth It?

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