Love Bytes: Have A Hot And Happy Hanukkah

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Flirty furniture, badly behaved boys, money and marriage, and the couples handbag test.

Nine must-click love and relationships links.

In a statement for People magazine, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley cite "devastating heartbreak" as the reason for their daughter, Alex Ray's, Dec. 5 suicide attempt. [PopEater]

Study: Half of teen girls living in urban areas contract STI's within two years of having sex for the first time. [TresSugar]

Tiger Woods has a surprising new mistress. [Buzzfeed]

Shakespeare might have had a lot to say about love, but read what these modern-day playwrights have to say about sex. [Nerve]

Thanks to Chris Brown and Jon Gosselin, among others (ahem: Tiger Woods!), 2009 may go down as the year of the sleaze. See Double X has a guide to the worst cads of 2009 if you've not had enough of badly behaved men. [Double X]

Is Jonathan Adler's "Reclining Lady Pillow" sexy or tacky? Check out these flirty piece of home decor on [Glamour]

The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia just released its annual Money & Marriage report on the state of marital health in the United States. The Huffington Post highlights the findings that could help strengthen your marriage during tough economic times. [HuffPo]

Dating rules in the adult world don't necessarily apply on campus. See He's Just Not That Into You: College Edition. [College Candy]

Chevonne's sensual single, "My Menora," provides an alternate explanation for why the candle stays lit all night during Hanukkah. [Urlesque]

Tired of mixed signals and relationship miscommunication?  Give the guy your handbag and see what he does with it. [Em and Lo]


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