You Have Given Me a Terrific Gift!


I came to my coach in extremely bedraggled emotional condition from my roller coaster relationship. I was actually in a near hysterical state of remorse and feeling an overwhelming desperation for the love of this man. my coach allowed me the conversational space to not only discuss this particular instance of disappointment, but also to reconnect it with the original broken heart, which I had never really mourned. Her encouragement to fully grieve all of the painful pages in my life has literally transformed my psyche over the last few months.

The first step to loving yourself is to hear the grief of your heart. Her guidance and advice through this initial stage of healing was indispensible, as has been her compassionate understanding and love. I continue to consult my coach as I progress along my path, which I’m happy to say is becoming sunnier and brighter by the day. I might have succumbed to my conscious and unconscious pain and stayed in the house numbly suffering for who knows how long! My coach encouraged me to take on new challenges, new opportunities, and new friendships. She has also encouraged me to tackle the very thoughts that used to be unconsciously felt as low self-esteem. I now find myself capturing these thoughts and consciously countering them successfully. I expect that this on-going work will enable me to live in this world in a truly loving and fearless manner.


Finally, that guy? The one I was desperately needy for? I have come to realize that that neediness, however compelling, is not true love. I’ve been able to take responsibility for my own misguided love and have been able to rescue the real compassionate, kind, and accepting love of this man as he is for who he is right now. As of now, we are not together. But the love I feel for him is not painful at all. It is patient and hopeful for all possible outcomes, without expectation or disappointment.

Thank you! You have given me a terrific gift: myself, a work in progress!

~ Anonymous

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