The Best Of The Web: Tiger & Ivy League Sex Appeal


ivy league
Harsh breakup tactics, love & Star Wars and TIGER WOODS!

Hola, all. It's Friday afternoon and you are counting until the foreman pulls the bird's tail and you slide off your dinosaur's back and into the weekend (Click Here for a visual). It's OK to be a five o'clock bandit on Friday, you put in a hard week. Chew on the following while the minutes while by.

Scientists really want to get to the bottom of the quandary: Why do guys like porn? Unfortunately, our friends in Lemondrop tell us there is no control group. That's right, science can't find anyone who's never seen porn. They probably shouldn't have been advertising in the back of Jugs. Read: Sex And Porn Cause Debt Problems In UK


The Frisky has a hard-as-nails suggestion for handling breakups: burn bridges. In addition to cutting off contact, when you cross the Rubicon, you gotta scorch the Earth and get rid of all means of communication including the dreaded Facebook defriend. Sounds like a good way to never have relapse sex.

Em & Lo ( fielded a question about making contact… via Facebook… with the one who got away… after being married. OK, just add heroin, gasoline and some matches and you have a delicious recipe for disaster. Read: Is Facebook Causing Us To Cheat?

If we've said it once, we've said it 5 times, dudes like boobs. Our friends at Betty Confidential would like to know why men like fake breasts… evidently, we're simple, simple creatures and fans of Baywatch.

And then there was Tiger. The interwebs have been awful "judge-y" of the golf phenom as of late. Is someone gonna get paid? Is someone gonna go to jail? Is this an official "scandal"? Divine Caroline breaks down the WHY of the Tiger Woods mistake in judgment (I think his caddy should have to follow him to keep him out of the rough off the course).

And our homeys at HollywoodLife tell us that golfer Jesper Parnevik is embarrassed for introducing Tiger to Elin Nordegren. I was once told in no uncertain terms, "Do not hook up with our nanny," so my friends appear to have more foresight than the Parneviks. At least better discretion.