Tiger Woods' Wife To Face Jail Time?


Tiger Woods
Regardless if Tiger presses charges, state gov could send wife Elin to jail for domestic abuse.

What happened, Tiger?

Not only is the Florida Highway Patrol looking for answers about last week's bizarre crash, but so are friends of the notoriously private sports star.


"I just hope he tells his side of the story about what happened, said friend Charles Barkley to the New York Post. "You've got to face the music, because it is what it is. Not talking about it can make it worse."

Shutting out police for the third time today, and now canceling his appearance in the Chevron World Challenge golf tournament for later this week, speculation surrounding the early Friday morning accident, and the events that preceded it, is growing more rampant and wild.

In the absence of a satisfying official narrative, the public is creating their own version of the Wood's ruined Thanksgiving, pieced together from leaked conversations and circumstantial evidenced. In the mind's eye of celebrity gossip it goes something like this:

Dramatization: The National Enquirer story was the last straw. Elin Nordegren, Tiger's wife of six years and mother of his two children, had had enough of his philandering. Tiger knew that he was in deep trouble over his affair with the "event planner," Rachel Uchitel. Still, he did not expect his Swedish model wife to "go ghetto" and bust out the nails. You would have thought that she would have been satisfied with the "Kobe Special" he had presented with the apology. Alas, not even a ring as big as a house had the power to quench the fiery passions of a woman scorned. Picking up a golf club, Elin challenged him to a duel. Sensing mortal danger, Tiger screamed "You've ruined our Thanksgiving! Are you happy now?" and hopped into his luxury SUV barefoot. Speeding away,Tiger hit a fire hydrant and then a tree. Hot on his tail, Elin arrived in a golf cart, club in hand to finish him off. Thankfully for Tiger, a neighbor was on hand to call for help.

So far, all we have from Tiger is this statement released Sunday on his website: