Confusion and Pain

Confusion and Pain

I know we need to talk things out with each other, because right now we're making things far more complicated then they should be. We're both guilty of that, and we didn't know when to stop the first time, the second time, the third... We just don't. We keep talking about how you want a non-committed relationship, and that we shouldn't take things further because that one of us is going to become attached, and attachment always leads to someone getting hurt.

But how do I tell you that I'm already feeling attached, and that I'm already starting to feel hurt because we still don't know what we want from each other. YOU want a non-committed relationship, but YOU also want the physical/sexual aspect of it. Yeah, so do I, BUT I want the committed aspect. Every one who knows me  knows that I want something meaningful with out getting hurt. Why you ask? Because every single time I fall for someone I get hurt. And guess what, I'm falling for you, which means I'm going to get hurt, simply because you don't want anything committed.

At one point I thought you were the one, but now I'm not so sure. I'm so confused right now, because I don't know what the boundaries and limits between us are right now, because they constantly move and change.

I want you, and I don't want to share you. I don't even know if you feel the same. I want to tell you this in person, but I can't. Not right now. Because I'll cry and break down and start saying things to you that you probably don't want to hear. I know you want me too. I just don't know in what way. Or if at all.


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