Love Bytes: Flirting With Nerds

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Pine-Sol gets sexy, say no to the mini-dress, and learn how to avoid nagging.

10 must-click love and relationship links.

Study: Men fall in love more often, profess "I love you" faster than women do. [TresSugar]

Save yourself a little pain by not dating these 5 people. [DivineCaroline]

Are lunch dates the key to a happy relationship? Melissa Joan Hart chimes in on why she prefers them to date nights. [Glamour]

Finally! Pine-Sol debuts a sexy housework commercial for women. [Em and Lo]

Ever stressed about what to wear for a party or on a date? According to a new study, women who expose 40 percent of their bodies attract more men. [Asylum]

Have you ever gone Fatal Attraction on a guy? College Candy readers share their most memorable "crazy moments." [College Candy]

Funny: A familiar visitor interrupts two strangers having cybersex. [Buzzfeed]

Nagging is a total buzzkill. Here are 15 simple ways to avoid it. [HuffPo]

Why feel lonely at night when you can have a life-size cutout of Edward Cullen hovering over your bed? To celebrate the release of New Moon this weekend, here are 5 impressive collections of Twilight merchandise and paraphernalia. [Urlesque]

Love nerds but don't know how to flirt with them? Matt Wasowski, the head of Nerd Nite, offers some pointers. [Marie Claire]



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