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Let go of the PAIN


My husband, and I have had our share of downs... from affairs (him) to me being in the military and moving to different countries. Although, we decided to stay together. I had a lot of anger, pain and resentment built up. I have decided to let go of the PAIN. I will no longer be controlled by the thoughts that creep up in the middle of the day... why did he hurt me, why did he cheat on me? I believe people can change if THEY want to. My husband wanted to change he wants to be a good husband to me and a good father to our son. I want this as well I realize in order for our relationship to move forward the way God would have it. I can no longer be controlled by the hurt of the past. I have accepted my husband back into my life. I will accept what was done can't be undone, but I can let GO! I can be whole, I can get over the hurt, my heart may never be the same, but it can be healed.  All things are possible through faith in the LORD. If you are holding on to PAIN let me encourage you today to let IT GO! I didn't say it was over... THE LORD SAID IT WAS~~~ GOD BLESS


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