Hi ppl...

I'm new on here 2day hopefully i'll meet some like minded ppl who can perhaps help me through this difficult time!!me and my ex have a child togrther and i have on child from a past relationship which is hard! thats why i've stuck it out with ex for far 2 long has i always wanted the family life and now im a single mom to 2 kids of 2 diff men!! sounds appelind doesn't it!!!
i would rather have that status then keep on being with him, he treats me like dirt etc etc lots of things have happened between us we keep on sayin we will cahnge make it work but it never happens!! it ended last night by text has he was working away so ive been on my own all wk and wknd with kids yet again, and he said he would be workin untill early hrs!! i needed 2 talk 2 him urgently bout 6.30 he didn't answer, when my friends went ls nt it was 12 no calls no txts and he knew i had a terrible day yesterday due 2 some things very bad day indeed plus im going through a very bad time with my mons health only found out ls wk she has cancer!! so you can imagine how ive been feelin!! anyway he answers his phone at 12 drunk has a newt!!! im like thought the only reason ur workin all through the wknd is 2 catch up etc workin untill earl hrs!! anyway he told me 2 f*** off and called me a dog!!
he was drunk swore on our childs life he only had 4 pints whatever!!!!
anyway i tried 2 call him back he wouldn't answer i sent a text beggin him 2 answer has i was very upset and cryin and he txt bk sayin NO
can't belive he has treated me like this yet again!! it's totally over now i needed someone there for me ls nt and i get that result of him!! feel like death 2day so so sad!!!

thanks cutipie xx xx xx


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