McSteamy Knocks Up Noxema Girl


Rebecca Gayheart is pregnant with Eric Dane's baby, but is still smoking cigarettes.

Yes, she is pregnant — Don't let the cigarette hanging out of her mouth fool you.

After months of speculation over her expanding waistline, it has finally been confirmed: Rebecca Gayheart is expecting her first child with Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane. He may play a doctor on T.V., but don't expect him to carry over his medical knowledge to real life. He doesn't seem to mind his wife's fiending nicotine habit.

Some are calling Rebecca a hypocrite, after bragging about her healthy fitness routine to InTouch:

We've always wanted to be parents. I think Eric is going to be a wonderful dad, and hopefully I'll be a good mom. We're absolutely looking forward to it!

I'm doing yoga, and I'm walking on the beach every day with my dogs for about an hour. I drink lots of water and eat a lot of vegetables and protein. I'm having a great, great time right now and loving my life." [Source: InTouch]

Hmmm... Wasn't it just a few months ago that they were embroiled in a ménage-à-trois, meth-fuelled sex tape? And she's how far along? Better load up on the antioxidants, hun. Are Sex Tapes Good For Relationships?

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