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'Office Space' Star Ron Livingston Gets Hitched


Looks like he just was that into 'Rachel Getting Married' star Rosemarie DeWitt.

Ron Livingston à la Office Space, Swingers and Carrie Bradshaw's Jack Berger fame has finally settled down at 42-years of age. Looks like he finally found someone that he was into!

He married 35-year-old Rachel Getting Married actress Rosemarie Dewitt November 2nd in San Francisco.

The two met while playing bed-sharing hostage negotitors on the cancelled FOX series Standoff.

For all you Mad Men fans out there, DeWitt played Don Draper's grass-smoking, downtown, bohemian mistress in the first season.

You can now find her on Showtime's United States of Tara.

Photo via Fame Pictures.


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