6 Men We'd Enroll In Tool Academy


Chris Brown, Balthazar Getty
These bad boys need some serious schooling in good guy behavior.

Sunday night marked the second-season premiere of VH1's Tool Academy, where the world's most patient girlfriends send lousy lovers to straighten out their acts. Since the trend these days is to make a "celebrity" version of nearly every reality show, we'd like to suggest some famous fellas who should be admitted to the inevitable Celebrity Tool Academy.

Chris Brown - Obviously. Not only did Chris prove that he skipped Being A Real Man 101 by beating up his girlfriend, Rihanna, but after her recent tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer, he released a statement to MTV News that he felt that "all of the details [about the incident] should remain a private matter" between them. Spoken like a true abuser. He must know that far too many victims of domestic violence remain silent out of shame or embarrassment, which only allows the abuse to continue.

Jude Law - First, Jude had an affair with his nanny while engaged to Sienna Miller, and now he's refusing to meet the child he fathered following a one-night stand with model Samantha Burke. While some have speculated that Samantha may have gotten pregnant on purpose, that doesn't exactly let Jude off the hook. Whatever her intentions were, you'd have to think a dashing Romeo like Jude would know a little something about contraception! Whether he wanted another child or not, he needs to man up and take responsibility. We do have hope for him since, according to ex-wife Sadie Frost, he has always been very devoted to their three kids. And we really want him to be a good guy, because such a beautiful face is a terrible thing to waste.