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Jude Law And His Newborn Daughter: Still Strangers


Jude Law still hasn't come around to meet his daughter or visit his ex. (Some lady's man!)

Jude Law is not impressing the ladies these days. The British actor has been spending his time attending charity benefits that help to entertain sick kids, instead of tending to his new brood. Jude Law's Baby With Samantha Burke Arrives Early

TMZ reports that Law has not yet been met his newborn daughter, six-week-old Sophia Lee. Fortunately, he has plenty of ways to stay abreast of the infants coos and gurgles: Mom Samantha Burke has been updating her Facebook page (pics posted on TMZ), and she's busy blogging on her site, samantha-burke.comJude Law's Ex Seeking Money And Fame

While Jude has yet to come face-to-face with his newest addition, he does seem to have time to reunite with Sienna Miller, says UK Glamour. Too many women, not enough time, huh, Jude? 

Scoop via TMZ. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.


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