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I appreciated Melodie's careful attunement to my concern. She listened carefully, empathetically, and I didn't feel judged. I felt she did a really good job of identifying my main concern, stuck with that topic, and didn't go off on unnecessary tangents. Her questions and reflections were effective in helping me to move forward through the problem. Without words, I felt a sensed her positive attitude, and from that, cracked through the despair I was feeling. She gave me an exercise to do, which, in all honesty, I've done before. But this time, she gave me hope that with her help, doing the exercise would move me closer to attaining the relationship I so sincerely am seeking.
~ Roseanne

I will be calling to schedule follow up with Melodie. She put me at ease and i was able to speak freely, without judgment or criticism. I shared some things with her that I have never shared with anyone, and I believe just talking about my situation with a non biased, trained coach is going to be the best gift I can give myself during this transitional time. I have just begun to read the Mars/Venus book and it has greatly helped me already. They should be read by everyone muddling through the dating world.
~ Lisa


Melodie is fantastic. She has the experience with marital issues that is needed to help guide the lost and weary. She has the gentle voice that soothes the broken soul. I would highly recommend anyone with marital issues, to contact Melodie. My husband and I still have issues but I know I have Melodie to speak with when I need guidance or comforting. John Gray's Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus books do make sense and Melodie conveys his messages with accuracy and diplomacy. She challenges when neccessary but always in a way as to not put you off. She really is a great asset to the Mars Venus team.
~ Heather

Melodie is as always, the BEST. She helped me clarify my thoughts on several issues. I called because an old flame, over whom I had spent many months in the anguish of unrequited love, emailed me. It had been 2 years since the ending of the relationship, and a year or more without seeing each other. Out of the blue he sends an email, wanting to get together. Needless to say, the spell of this man was long broken; yet, there is curiosity about whether it could be rekindled, and more importantly, whether it should be rekindled. Melodie is spectacular at getting to the crux of an issue.
~ Judy

The telephone session was very helpful. Melodie was insightful and communicated well. I explained my situation and background information. Melodie gave me reassurance and good ideas--both of which I appreciate because I need to be very patient with this situation, and I so much want it to work out. I find that much of the advice available in books and online is more geared towards younger daters so I appreciated having an individual session.
~ Margaret

Absolutely first class, excellent, usable advice. Melodie not only listened to every word I said with patience and understanding she had practical, insightful useful ideas & suggestions. I was confused when I first requested a conversation with Melodie. I did not know what to expect or how I should begin. She seemed to understand instantly all of my concerns and she started oof the coaching session by putting me at ease. Her insights into men was enormous & it certainly explains alot about their behavior. She changed & improved y life today with her words & suggestions - all of which were given in a gentle yet firm approach - a kind, no-nonsense delivery. Never condescending - always positive and human & laced with life experiences I can only guess at. I am grateful for the chance to have spoken to her. Thank you for having this feature.
~ Susan

Melodie was very helpful and helped me feel peace and strength. She did not tell me what to do but gave information and guided based on what I wanted to do. I will call her again and recommend this site.
~ Stephanie

Melodie was excellent! I could tell she was listening b/c I didn't have to repeat details of my situation, she offered great insights of what's going on in my relationship and I already feel empowered to make it better. I am choosing to continue coaching with her!
~ Juan

It was my second session with Melodie and I really like her support and down to earth ideas. It’s like speaking with a “professional friend”. I will call again, Melodie is a reliable person and I am glad I can call her when needed.
~ Francoise

Melodie was a very patient listener who put forward some solid suggestions for me to try. Nice to hear a real person speak of M/V principles rather than just reading words. 20 minutes was not long enough.
~ Anonymous

Incredible counseling. I was impressed by how well Melodie listened and gathered information. She also possesses worldly experience and knowledge about different cultures. I would definitely turn to her again to handle my counseling needs.
~ Anonymous

Dear Melodie,
I just want to say thank you to you , because when I’m talking with you I really do feel looked after and safe and I know that you have so much wisdom, understanding and love - real kindness - towards me, and I’m sure most everyone you meet, and also especially towards men...
~ Caroline

I came to Melodie in extremely bedraggled emotional condition from my roller coaster relationship. I was actually in a near hysterical state of remorse and feeling an overwhelming desperation for the love of this man. Melodie allowed me the conversational space to not only discuss this particular instance of disappointment, but also to reconnect it with the original broken heart, which I had never really mourned. Her encouragement to fully grieve all of the painful pages in my life has literally transformed my psyche over the last few months.
The first step to loving yourself is to hear the grief of your heart. Her guidance and advice through this initial stage of healing was indispensible, as has been her compassionate understanding and love. I continue to consult Melodie as I progress along my path, which I’m happy to say is becoming sunnier and brighter by the day. I might have succumbed to my conscious and unconscious pain and stayed in the house numbly suffering for who knows how long! Melodie encouraged me to take on new challenges, new opportunities, and new friendships. She has also encouraged me to tackle the very thoughts that used to be unconsciously felt as low self-esteem. I now find myself capturing these thoughts and consciously countering them successfully. I expect that this on-going work will enable me to live in this world in a truly loving and fearless manner.
Finally, that guy? The one I was desperately needy for? I have come to realize that that neediness, however compelling, is not true love. I’ve been able to take responsibility for my own misguided love and have been able to rescue the real compassionate, kind, and accepting love of this man as he is for who he is right now. As of now, we are not together. But the love I feel for him is not painful at all. It is patient and hopeful for all possible outcomes, without expectation or disappointment.
Thank you, Melodie! You have given me a terrific gift: myself, a work in progress!
~ Anonymous

I can not express enough how I grateful I am to our conversation yesterday and helping me to understand what BM is going through as well as myself. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel as though I can breath again, love again and forgive. I look forward to many more conversations with you as my coach. I’m also going to share my feelings on the Ask Mars Venus reading board so others may be inspired by my story and get the help they need the way I did. It started for me by reading the stories on the reading board. I’ll email you later this week to schedule our next coaching session. I need to work out my financial situation. The way I see it is I’m investing in myself. This is one way I can nurture myself and help heal my heart and that’s worth everything to me.Thank you for everything. I am so grateful to you.
~ SA

I just want to say that Melodie was helpful this AM, when we spoke. She gave me clear suggestions that i think i can follow. They are very do-able. Plus, her attitude about what I told her (in terms of where my boyfriend is, what he and i are like, and how to best interact with him) seemed positive. That was empowering, in and of itself. She gave me the sense that she THOUGHT I would give him his space to do things with friends, which reinforced to me that that is really important.
Thank you!
~ Judy

Hi there,
I have been speaking with Melodie over the past few weeks following the ending of a five year relationship. I have read so many of the Mars Venus books like, If you feel you can heal, and staring over to name a few, but having her listen to me, and help me through this difficult time, has been a brilliant!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you, and of course, to JG for those brilliant, insightful books!
Mars Venus lover,
~ Bernice

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