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Chris Brown: I Still Have Feelings for Rihanna


The singer says his feelings for Rihanna aren't going away anytime soon.

Chris Brown has confessed he still has strong feelings for the woman he has been told to stay at least 100 yards away from for the next five years, Rihanna.

The disgraced singer pleaded guilty to assaulting the "Umbrella" hitmaker during a row in February, and he has been told to keep his distance as part of his punishment. But the "Kiss Kiss" star admits he's still in love with his ex.

Speaking about life after the fight and subsequent legal woes on New York radio station Hot 97 on Wednesday, Brown told DJ Angie Martinez, "We've been friends since I was like 15, we got serious when I was, like, 17. Feelings are feelings and they don't go away overnight, especially if you sit down and be like, 'Look, I'm (going to) really be in this relationship with you, past whatever the case, past our busy schedules, past us being two of the biggest artists.' I really care about her."


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