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Jon Gosselin Says "No Thanks" to Octomom

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Actually, Gosselin said "No way!" to Suleman's advances. But that sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it?

Jon Gosselin is a busy (lady's) man. He's got a firey ex, Kate; a 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey; and the opportunity to get with Octomom, aka Nadya Suleman.

Guess there's only so much Gosselin to go around, because Jon's not interested in getting to know Nadya anytime soon. Earlier this week, Octomom expressed interest in Gosselin, expressing surprise/delight over the news of his impending divorce, exclaiming, "He's hot!" Jon Gosselin And Octomom: The Next "It" Couple?

Gosselin apparantly heard about Suleman's interest, but as OMG! reports, he replied. "No way!" and added that he plans to focus on his family, post-divorce. He also added that her interest was "kind of weird."

Jon's been keeping busy with radio and television appearances, demanding $10K per gig. Is he trying to make some money since forking the $180K back over to Kate? Jon Gosselin Did Steal, Must Return $180K To Kate

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