5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Sex


5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Sex
Saving the planet, one sexy romp at a time. Tips for eco-friendly sex.

Not that we're complaining—being fellow Earthlings and all—but it seems that just about everything and its cheap knock-off is "going green" these days. But no green lifestyle is complete without some eco-friendly habits in the bedroom. With these five environmentally friendly sex tips and products at your disposal, it sure brings a new meaning to being sustainable in bed, eh?

1. Buy organic... lingerie. And no, we aren't talking about a whip cream bikini. (Besides, don't those use aerosol?) Lingerie company, Urban Fox, has an all-organic line featuring nighties made of bamboo jersey and organic cotton. Going green isn't always cheap, however. A set will cost you around $80. Hey it's either that or this solar-powered bra. Your choice, my friend. Go Green (In Bed)


2. No more plastic. To achieve softness and flexibility, many erotic toy companies use PVC plastics in their products. PVC, or polyvinyl chlorides, are impossible to recycle and its building block, vinyl chloride, is actually a human carcinogen. The plastic is often further softened with phthalates, a controversial family of chemicals. Mr. Vibrator not looking so friendly now, huh? The solution to this plastic problem? Go glass. Glass toys, while cold and not battery-operated, ensures that what you put in your body, eh-hem, is environmentally sound. Green Sex Toys?

3. Keep the lube au naturel. Whereas conventional lube can be chock-full of dubious 7-syllable ingredients (and can't guarantee no animal testing), organic lube is typically water-based and incorporates essential oils to make the erotic experience better for your body. Check out Yes, the first organic-certified personal lubricant of its kind. The products in this line are completely free of silicones and petroleum ingredients. 

4. Take showers together. What better way to multi-task—getting clean and possibly getting dirty at the same time! Plus, you will also save water. Win for good shower sex, win for the environment.  Just make sure to keep these encounters a quickie. The Joy Of The Quickie

5. Turn the lights off. Tell your lover, it's not about your insecurities, it's about saving the Earth, damn it! 

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