Jon & Kate TV Show Cancelled

Jon & Kate TV Show Cancelled

John and Kate Gosselin will no longer be on reality TV, starting this November.

It's time to breath a sigh of relief: TLC has announced that they will stop airing the Gosselin reality-show quagmire this November.

Jon & Kate Plus 8, as the show was originally called, morphed into Kate Plus 8, when John Gosselin's antics became too much for the family-friendly TV channel. But then John forbade TLC to film his brood, and the network was left with nothing.

According to People, TLC will try to air a few more episodes with footage they have, but come November the saga will no longer be fueled by reality TV. Unfortunately, we doubt very much that it will be out of our lives, ad Jon and Kate have taken their drama to other TV outlets including Larry King and The View.

It's not clear what the Gosselin parents will do for income if they're not getting paid to broadcast their lives. Let's hope Jon pays Kate that $180k he owes her, although with eight kids, we're not sure how far that will take her. Jon Gosselin Did Steal, Must Return $180K To Kate

People says that the kids have been crying since the film crew left their house. If they want to soothe the babes, perhaps TLC could film Kate Plus Hate?


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