4 Halloween Pick-Up Moves


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Horror films, haunted houses and ... hooking up?

Halloween! Horror films, haunted houses and ... hooking up? Oh yes. The same month that's synonymous with ghosts and goblins is also prime time for gettin' some. And because we're just so durned helpful, we've listed the top four ways to do just that while incorporating your favorite fall activities. Yes, they're cheesy, and yes, they'll probably work.

 Happy (early) Halloween!


1. The Haunted House Grope

Here's the drill. Find the cutest dude in line (or drag your hottest friend along) and make sure you enter the haunted house directly behind him. BOOM! Pitch black. Nobody knows whose hands are whose and if you accidentally "stumble" into him as you're hiding from a man in a wolf mask, well, who can blame you? Lemondrop: Super-Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

 2. The Daisy Duke Ensemble

Ladies, ladies. Most of us dress like sluts on Halloween anyway, so get crazy this year, and pick an outfit that shows off your pop culture smarts (and half your backside). The stud in a Batman suit across the room can't possibly resist. (See #4 if he can.) Lemondrop: Best Halloween Costumes of 2009—Ghoulish and Great

 3. The Scary Movie Snuggle

If you have to submit yourself to one of those cheesy horror flicks, you might as well get something out of it, right? Pop in House of the Dead, dim the lights, and inch yourself closer to him every time someone even remotely frightening pops out, or when you feel "nervous." Worked like a charm in high school.

4. The Halloween Punch-Drunk Love

We're not advocating getting the dude dressed as Jon Gosselin intoxicated as a means to have your way with him, but let's just say a few sips of something we spiked at our Homecoming dance never made anyone less friendly, right? Lemondrop: Hilariously Unsexy "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

Written by Andrea Zimmerman for Lemondrop.

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