It's over...


It's over...

So, after seven weeks of silence, my phone rings and my (ex)guy is on the other end.  I was busy living my life, so i decided to call him back later.  When I did, I was totally unimpressed.

Like we spoke yesterday, he called me sweetie and asked how I was doing, what I've been up to, how my daughter and family were doing, blah blah blah.  I was shocked that he even bothered to call.  I was going about my life, newly single, and ring ring, it's him.


Am I a little bitter?  Sure.  I spent six years being single, and finally got back out there, met this "great" guy, got involved, opened myself up, shared parts of my inner self, things I don't like doing.  He made promises and whispered awesome things, took me to nice places, invited me on exotic trips.  I put myself out there, and I suppose I got what I deserved.

I'd love to be angry with him.  But I'm just mad at myself.  I told myself this type of thing would happen, then I convinced myself that I was just being pessimistic.  I believed me for a while.  Now I see that I was right.  Although I have no control over his actions, I could have opted to stay single.

Anywho, he asked when my birthday was (because I'm so memorable) and said he had a gift for me to pick up or that he could drop it off.  I should just call when I'm ready.  Like I care about a gift.  I can't believe he's wasted his money and he's trying to waste me time. 

I know I'm considered to be an unreasonable relationship person by those close to me.  I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to things like this.  You disappearing for this long tells me that you don't want to be chased or found.  I wouldn't behave this way toward him, therefore, I will not accept this behaviour. 

He could sense my irritation on the phone, but only asked if something was wrong.  Just like all my other associates, I told him I was fine, but tired.  He's no longer privy to my feelings.  I no longer wish to speak to him.  I may not be skinny or beautiful or extra smiley, but I have my limits and I know I'm worth at least saying "hi" to every couple weeks if we're dating.