Crossing Over

Crossing Over
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Well after long months of waiting, interviewing, hot sweats and cold showers – I have landed on the man with whom I wish to throw my panties to the ceiling. He is unlike any man I have ever met. He is tall, French and bi-racial. He is handsome, educated, intelligent, warm and happy. He exudes a certain peace that feels good to be around. He is unrushed and purposeful in everything he does. Whether he is making a salad, writing a newsletter or touching me.

Some curious facts about Cool Cat: He may actually be in better shape than I. He works out daily and actually did a back-to-back Bikram yoga class for shits and giggles yesterday. That is three full hours of sweating people! I am pretty sure that his skin is softer than mine and that he looks much younger than his 47 years. There is nary a gray hair on his head and only two on his chest. I counted! Oh, and NO wrinkles. Not one.

Now the reason he looks and feels so good is not just because one of his jobs is as a personal trainer and he is conscious about his lifestyle - It is because he moisturizes daily and uses more product than me. He would be the first to admit that his bathroom is living proof of this detail. We determined that he has more Aveda points than I do! And I make sure I purchase on the double-point days!

I am not bragging, but I’m just saying -I have never been with a man who did not want to immediately sleep with me any and every chance he got. Cool Cat, is just that. He is in no hurry and likes to mystify me with his take it or leave it attitude about our intimacy. I could choose to be confused about this, but I decided to instead be amused. There is no predictability factor with Cool Cat. I have no idea what he is thinking, but I swear he looks like he knows exactly what I am thinking at all times – which is a bit unnerving.

He knows just when to text me – and he is good at it! He will be gone for a chunk of the summer and I will miss him. He is open about everything and continues to keep his profile live on his


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