3 Life and Love Lessons From 'Modern Family'


modern family
The picture-perfect family of today is full of non-traditional couples. And useful lessons!

We all remember growing up to Growing Pains and Family Ties, but so much has changed since the '80s and '90s. We were in need of a family sitcom that portrays life as we know it today. The new ABC series Modern Family does just that. 

The mockumentary comedy (shot in a single-camera, Office style) explores the day-to-day stories of a same-sex couple, Mitchell and Cameron (Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet); a couple with three kids, Phil and Claire (Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen); and a multi-ethnic and generational-gap couple who are in both their second marriage, Jay and Gloria, played by Ed O'Neill (Married...With Children) and Sofia Vergara (Entourage). 


How are they all connected? Rough, gruff Jay is father to sensitive Mitchell and multi-tasking mom Claire. 

ABC picked up the show for a full season, so it's time to get to know the couples and the life and love lessons we can learn from them.

Lesson One: Trust your partner, even in sticky situations. He/she has your best interest at heart—no matter what. 

Sensitive Mitchell and sometimes-dramatic Cameron complement each other perfectly. In one episode, Mitchell is too frightened of his family's response to adopting a baby girl (the same-sex relationship thing doesn't go over too well with Mitchell's traditional father), Cameron plans a get-together (unbeknownst to Mitchell), at which he presents the baby with arms stretched out above him to the Lion King song, "Circle of Life." (Did we mention he's dramatic?) 

Point being, Cameron knew they needed to introduce their new family member and took the initiative to do so. Unsurprisingly, the families come together over the new addition. Problem solved. Supporting A Partner Accused Of A Sex Crime

Lesson Two: Be yourself. No matter whom you're trying to impress.

Traditional couple Phil and Claire try hard to stay connected to their kids. Phil is especially over-the-top as he tries desperately to talk in teenage lingo to his daughter's BF: "I surf the web, send texts, use LOL... I'm a cool dad. I know all the dances to High School Musical." 

Instead of trying to be the cool or perfect parent, be yourself. Your kids will be less embarrassed and confused by your odd behavior, and your spouse will appreciate you more for it. Don't forget, they fell in love with the real you in the first place. Be Yourselves, Girls, Order the Rib-Eye

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