5 Rules for Online Dating - Part I


5 Rules for Online Dating - Part I


When dating online, you have the opportunity to meet more people than you normally would.  It is a numbers game and you must assume that who ever you are meeting is also encountering multiple possibilities. Memorize the letters ECEG.  They stand for Easy Come, Easy Go.  Mentally tattoo this all-important acronym on your heart. You will likely never know why you might experience a groove kill, and you must learn to take it in stride.  The best way to do this is to always have potentials in your queue.  The best way to have potentials in your queue is to follow some guidelines.


Imagine your profile is like your personal web page.  You need the best possible photograph of yourself.  It is better to have just one, than a handful of mediocre.  As one date put it, “looks aren’t everything, but they are the first thing.”  So whatever you do, don’t just insert a photo because it is the only one you have!  There is evidence that this is a common practice for users and is absolutely the same thing as walking around with toilet paper coming out of the back of your jeans.  No one will return your email as you as long as you have a tail! Grab a friend for help.  Get someone to take a good photo and wait to upload until you know you have an attractive shot.  All you really need is ONE.

Second- Do not write a book for your content, only enough to wet the reader’s appetite.  This is marketing, pure and simple.  Maybe you are not comfortable with that fact, but the people you are competing with absolutely are.  It is best to write a brainstorm version of what makes you tick and what you imagine life would be like with your ideal mate.  Turn that into one brief paragraph.  It is easy to spot a new user because they write SO much.  Lets face it we are shopping here! We really do not want to read the ingredients of each and every item we are thinking of adding to the shopping cart.

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