6 Sexy Stars Who Wear Single Well


6 Sexy Stars Who Wear Single Well
Whitney, Susan Boyle, Jen: these female celebs are happy without romance. Go girls!

As Whitney Houston proved this week in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, not all women have to be taken to live their happy best. When you have this much love from your fans, sometimes we wonder, who actually needs romance?!

Whitney Houston Her comeback stuns us all, as did her candid revelations to Oprah. She said Bobby Brown was emotionally abusive and that she allowed their marriage to hold back her best work. After seven years behind closed doors, Whitney's old-school-meets-what's-cool new album I Look to You is number one on the charts this week—and our fave Whitney Houston yet. Celebrity Love - Whitney Houston To Oprah: I Lost Myself To Bobby

Susan Boyle Another vocal stunner, this week Susan Boyle accompanies Whitney to dominate the charts with her new "Wild Horses," a brilliant cover of the Rolling Stones classic. Susan Boyle's appeal bursts not just from her vocal prowess, but from her honest personal background as well. At 48 years old, endearing Susan has never had a boyfriend...but with the beauty she's now sharing with the world, we have no doubt love has yet to find her. Celebrity Love: Susan Boyle To Get Her First Kiss?

Michelle Williams The current issue of Vogue features a lighthearted and ethereal Michelle Williams on the cover. Inside the pages Michelle reveals that finally, she is wholeheartedly giving dating a fair shake now that her mourning of ex-fiance Heath Ledger has passed. But with this week's reported breakup from director Spike Jonze, Michelle's finding that moving on proves more of a challenge than most of us care to experience. Fortunately her stellar talents—and that gorgeous daughter Matilda Rose—are great reasons to climb out of bed every day. Celebrity Love: Michelle Williams Struggles To Start Over In Love