Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together


alcohol and relationships
Boozers love other boozers, says a SUNY study.

Interesting news out of SUNY (State University Of New York) Buffalo. Evidently, the couple that boozes together cruises together.

According to the University At Buffalo's website, Dr. Gregory Homish has been studying the behavior and satisfaction of couples for a decade. He has come to the conclusion that couples with similar vices (alcohol and cigarettes in this case) and levels of engagement in said vices are likely to be more content with their relationship. And the correlation was greater for alcohol consumption than tobacco use. Essentially, heavy drinkers are more likely to be happy in their marriage than a drinker married to a teetotaler. For A Month, I Did Everything My Wife Said


The study followed over 600 couples (mostly white with one-third African-American and a smattering of other ethnicities) and had them fill out questionnaires before their wedding, at years one, two, four and seven. Not surprisingly, the honeymoon ended pretty quickly as overall satisfaction trended down through the years. But couples with disparate habits were more likely to feel dissatisfaction than those with similar ones.

Though it's not expressly stated, you'd guess that in a Homer Simpson – Maude Flanders match (boozebag to teetotaler) both parties are equally aggrieved. He says, "You used to be cool" and she says, "You're still a drunk," to which he says, "I'll be sober in the morning and you'll still be a dork," at that point a door is slammed.

As alcohol is a depressant, especially when one wakes up drunk and becomes progressively more hungover until they go to bed that evening, you'd guess that couples with two double-fisters would be less satisfied, but the study doesn't show those results. And I'd guess that smokers are perpetually a little mad because of how their clothes and hair smell (no relation to the study). But, it turns out that just having a partner in crime really helps someone feel supported and loved. The latest Gossip about Amy Winehouse's love life

Interestingly, the non-party animals conducting the study list having six or more drinks in one sitting twice per year as "heavy drinking." These must be the same guys who think they'll be greeted like they just conquered Germania when they show up at the barbeque with a sixer of MGD.

Any thoughts on boozers and non-users co-existing? Have you partnered up with a vice-opposite?