Poll: Who's The Next Patrick Swayze?


hugh jackman
Patrick Swayze represented a hard, soft and talented kind of cool. Who can fill his shoes?

Patrick Swayze was a unique kind of masculine. He could dance (clearly), carry a tune and kick butt (if you saw him in Roadhouse or Red Dawn, you know what we're saying). He was so cool that his last name had become slang in the hip-hop community. Heck, Biggie Smalls rapped a line about him. Needless to say, from rappers to women, we were all smitten. Patrick Swayze's Most Romantic Movies

All of the actors below are talented in dance, comedy and vocals without being the least bit sissy. Which one could best fill Patrick Swayze's shoes? 


Poll: Who's The Next Patrick Swayze?:

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