6 Common Myths About Women


6 Common Myths About Women

Surprisingly, in today's world of abundant information exchange the number of myths about women that float around is rather alarming. May be it's supposed to add to the "mystique" or may be to make men more clueless than they already are. Personally though I've never been that good with ambiguities and mind games. I mean, I'm up for some short-lived word-play, but only in the name of fun when all parties are amused by it. Therefore, I would like to attempt to dissipate some of the said myths in hopes of making the world a more relationship-friendly place (or at least just rant out my angst). Lemondrop: The Key To A Happy Marriage? A Younger, Smarter Wife (And Sex)

1. Forget what TV told you. The Frisky: 5 Ways Women Try To Impress Men And Why They Don't Work


Contrary to the popular belief (disseminated by the media) all women are not constantly confused, neurotic, insecure about everything, love to watch dizzy chick-flicks, have the size of their intelligence oppositely proportional to their external attractiveness. In actuality a very large percentage of women who like to look good (and put some effort into it) are exceptionally intelligent and well educated. They just start pretending to be less so after they realize that very few men are secure enough to stick around once they realized that the hot blond they are hitting on has a PhD in space engineering (or something like that). Romantic Comedies Warp Your Brain

2. I'm not your ex-girlfriend.

Seriously. I'm not. Just because she yelled at you every time you did not answer her call right away, or cheated on you every time she felt neglected, left you when you got sick/in trouble/etc., etc. does not mean I will do the same. Even if you start behaving like an *** and trying to lead me into doing the same simply because you expect it, still does not mean I will do it. Same stands for the opposite—trying to get me to do something by saying that your ex-girlfriend did it is not a good strategy. The Worst Pop-Culture Boyfriends

3. To make things easier, assume I know everything.

Give some credit to my intelligence. I am fully capable of connecting my DVD player to the TV. I can even fix your wireless home network and install a new stereo in your car. I really don't need to wait for you to come and replace a burned out light bulb. Treat me as an equal human being, not as a retarded creature for whom you need to dumb down everything you say. Especially in front of your friends and relatives. There are also very few things more frustrating than suggesting something to your partner for it to only be discarded as silly blubber and later on repeated back to you like the most brilliant revelation by the same partner after he heard it from someone else.

4. I don't need to stop and ask for directions to find my way.

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