Umm, DUH? Scientific Study Finds That Men Love Looking At THIS

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 Men Like Looking At Boobs
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Is this even a surprise?

scientific study has just "proven" what every female on the planet already knows: men like looking at breasts.

What's more, men don't just like looking at boobs, but nearly half of them (47 percent) will look at a woman's breasts before he looks at her face and will look at them longer than any other body part.

Researchers from New Zealand's University of Wellington came to their conclusions by having their male subjects look at six pictures of the same woman. In each picture, the woman's face was the same, but the size of her breasts, waist, and hips varied (thanks to digital alterations). Tabs were kept on where each man looked first and for how long his gaze lasted. And as it so happens, the breasts oftentimes won out.

As with a lot of scientific studies, we believe this particular one comes with some good news and some bad news, and we've laid it all out for you.

Here's the good news about these findings.

1. Size doesn't seem to matter when it comes to breasts. While some might be tempted to surmise that men's eyes fall where they do for evolutionary reasons, the researchers suggest a more prosaic explanation: "Men may be looking more often at the breasts because they are simply esthetically pleasing, regardless of the size."

2. All that time we spend on our hair and makeup is unnecessary. The study found that less than twenty percent of men look at a woman's face first. Thus, if you're a woman who's worried about her wrinkles, you can let that hang-up go. Almost no one is looking at your face anyway.

3. Many women like to be looked at. Most women have breasts. Thus, if you're a woman and want to be looked at by a man, you're in luck.

But there's still bad news to these all-too-obvious findings.

1. We still don't know how our butts rank. The study concludes that 47 percent of men look at breasts first, a third look at the waist and hips first, and less than twenty percent look at the face first. But what about the butt? Would the outcomes of the study change if the butt was an option? We think so.

2. We aren't clear on ratios. Why did the researchers vary the measurements of the body parts, but not report on how the variations affected the outcomes? Now we don't know if we're supposed to have 40-inch waists and 30-inch bustlines, or the other way around. We can only hypothesize.

3. We don't know where the funding came for this study. How did this team manage to get funding for this study? Why didn't the funders just give us the research money and let us explain what happens to us everyday? Please, scientific philanthropists, if you have any cash left and want more proof that women's breasts get looked at, give us a call. 



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