An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories


An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories
This unique project brings you and your significant other closer together, no matter the distance.

At You.Propelled on DivineCaroline, hundreds of individuals are stating how they've enhanced their life today. The idea is to highlight the way small changes can have a big impact. This got me thinking about how small measures have powerful impacts on relationships, specifically my own.



One of the best gifts I ever gave to my fiancé cost me a total of $7. I don't recall if I actually came up with this idea on my own or got it from some other resource, but it has become one of his favorite possessions, (right up there with his Xbox, I'm sure). Top 11 Online Gifts For Guys

I call it a Relationship Pensieve—er, basically a box full of paper cranes with my happiest memories of our relationship written on them. Some memories are big and obvious (our first kiss). Others are small, like the time he drove two hours to return my computer charger. Okay, maybe that last one was big too.

My fiancé and I have been in a long-distance relationship four out of the five years we've been together. This project idea came at a time when we were both about to tackle our largest distance yet. I was going to New York City to work, he was staying in Georgia to finish up college. I made the Pensieve as a way to remind him of all the happy moments we shared. He could look through the box whenever he felt lonely or doubtful. And in case we ever had a fight, we could use it to remind ourselves of better times. It's an instant pick-me-upper. How To Make Long-Distance Love Work

Lately, I've been thinking this project actually works better as a couples' activity rather than a gift. You and your significant other can start by seeding the box with as many memories you two can muster. Then, as you begin to create new memories over time, add to the pile. If you keep up with it, this could very well be a beautiful family heirloom in years to come and imagine how grateful your future self will be for keeping track.

Tips and variations on the project:

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