Ted Kennedy's Romantic History


Ted Kennedy death
Ted Kennedy was as notorious for his scandalous private life as he was for his career.

Ted Kennedy, the last of the living Kennedy brothers and renowned Massachusetts senator who held office as a Democrat since 1964, died Tuesday of brain cancer at the Kennedy estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

Formally named Edward Moore Kennedy, Ted was as known for his questionable private life as his political feats. YourTango's Celebrity Love has constructed a timeline of the scandals that went on behind Ted Kennedy's loosely-closed doors for five decades.


1958 - After a yearlong courtship, Ted Kennedy married beauty queen and college classmate Virginia Joan Bennett (known now as Joan Kennedy) in November 1958 in Bronxville, New York. They had three children, Kara (now 49), Edward Jr. (47) and Patrick (42). Joan campaigned for Ted's 1964 senatorial seat, and he won. It was the first of his eight terms as senator.

1969 - Ted had been partying with a bunch of campaign girls on Chappaquiddick Island in Martha's Vineyard when he drove into a lake on his way home from the party. His only passenger, twenty-eight-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne died in the wreck, and Ted didn't report it until the next day after her body was found (he pled guilty). The nature of his relationship with Kopechne was never clarified.

1970s - In just over a decade after his wedding, Ted's extramarital flings were spinning out of control. In 1979 Time Magazine reported on an infamous Washington, D.C. dinner party where "14 talented and interesting men and women talked of nothing but (Ted's) sexual activities."

1982 - After nearly three decades of Ted's drinking and liaisons with other women, he and Joan divorced in 1982. She received a $4 million settlement.

1983 to 1989 - Ted was known throughout the mid-to-late '80s for his series of hookups and the occasional serious dating relationship, but he refused to commit.  In 1989 paparazzi caught him having sex with an unnamed woman on a motorboat while on holiday in Europe. The Boston Globe reports that when the photos hit the press, "Alabama senator Howell Heflin joked he was glad to see Kennedy had 'changed his position on offshore drilling.'"