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Dominant Man's Online Search

“Propensity for Submission”         


From time to time, I will come across a posting that will just blow me away.  A man will be so articulate about what he is looking for that I have to take a moment and appreciate his clarity.  I would like to share with my dear readers the following posting on Craig’s list:

 “I'll make this clear and simple. I am looking for a woman who likes being told what to do and put in her place 24/7.

 I desire a female who is comfortable with her submissive and subservient desires, a woman who knows her place and enjoys being told what to do by her Man. I am not interested in your feminist views, or any rhetoric from your MTV/Real World "liberated" lifestyle. I am not looking to MAKE a submissive female. You must already know you are submissive, and that Male Dominance is the correct lifestyle for you. I prefer an insecure, emotionally needy, weak, docile female. You know who you are and what you need. I will tell you what to do, what to wear, and how to act.

 That being said, I am very affectionate and loving to my girl, I just prefer that kind of lifestyle dynamic. I am looking for LTR, hopefully marriage down the road. I am very amorous, romantic, and affectionate.

 Send a pic with your message, or I won't reply. Yes, I have a pic and will be more than happy to share it. Physical attributes are secondary to me, a woman's propensity for submission is of primary importance. I enjoy a woman who has curves and may be on the thicker side, but this is not a requirement.

 I am not interested in anyone under 23.

I am very loving, but I expect a docile and willing female, who has come to terms with her own desires and accepts Male dominance as the correct lifestyle for her; I do not want a woman who is career driven- her career will be serving and servicing me.

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