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I know I started with the word 'bonjour' but i honestly have no clue about French.My knowledge of french is limited to...erm..french kissing.So i'm pretty sure your wondering what this blog is's about everything.When something crosses my mind or a particular topic is bugging me i'll try to post it on this website.The internet connection sucks over here [seriously it's really slow] and for some inexplicable reason any page on this site takes at least 2 minutes to load.Patience isn't one of my virtues so i definitely won't be posting blogs 24/7 but do check in, you might find some enlightening info...or you might just run into a moronic piece of writing..i'm hoping it's the former.I'm a straightforward, intelligent individual so I won't be sugarcoating anything...I'll try to say it like it is.Overall, i guess this is a refresher course on the inner workings of the mind of a person on the brink of womanhood.Should be fun right?

P.S.Instant Messenger and SMS has really ruined my ability to type in proper English.Seriously, i had to re-type a bunch of words where i used the short forms.Notice how I write my i's in lower case?Gotta work on that.


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