Duh! Family Guy's Stewie Griffin Is Gay


stewie from family guy
Creator Seth MacFarlane has outed his best character. Did Brad Pitt do the same to Clooney?

Seth MacFarlane: master of the obvious. According to the Advocate (from and interview with Playboy), the Family Guy creator has outed the youngest member of the animated Griffin family, "he will be gay or a very unhappy repressed homosexual."

Any fan of Family Guy saw this coming. Despite periodically chasing around women in bikinis for a "sexy party" (a funny homage to Benny Hill), Stewie Griffin likes the fellas. He even says, "Oh that's what gay is. I could totally get into that." Some episodes feature Stewie engaging romantically with the ladies but even then the atmosphere is charged with homoeroticism. For instance, before Stewie takes Connie D'Amico to Anal Point, Brian describes CPA using a tight parking lot analogy to Stewie, he replies, "Well, in that scenario, it sounds like I'd rather be the parking space than the car."

Since the ambiguity appears to be at an end, the next question is: where does this land Stewie in the pantheon of awesome and openly gay network television characters? Pretty high on the list, you'd guess. Great primetime gay TV characters have come before him… Ellen Morgan (Ellen), Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons*), Just Jack (Will & Grace), Jodie Dallas (Soap), to name a few. Though he's a cartoon character on a show that flaunts its disregard for continuity and gross use of humorous non-sequiturs, Stewie resonates with fans across lines of gender, socio-economics and sexual orientation. He is likely the most popular character on a show that continues to increase its pop-culture relevance and savvy rather than lose it (like fellow animated phenoms The Simpsons and South Park). Though, it seems a little overly optimistic, one can't help but wonder if this revelation will do anything to increase tolerance of "alternative lifestyles" and gay issues. Does Brian the dog's anthropomorphic appeal have anything to do with our skitishness around pitbull fighting?

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