Love Bytes—Bedroom Feng Shui

love bytes

Action figures, dating site niche, how to meet a winner and the morning after.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Bedroom Feng Shui: designing for more sizzle. [Divine Caroline]

Whether you're single and looking for the right partner, or in a relationship and want to deepen your love and create more sizzle, then the first place to start is in the bedroom. Applying a few simple Feng Shui tips can take you from single to sizzle!

Chicks dig guys who collect action figures. Really? [Asylum]

Dating sites are even more niche than ever., anyone? {Urlesque]

Five best spots to meet a man, including MENSA testing day. Roadtrip! [Betty Confidential]

The morning after, do you really want to know? [College Candy]


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