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unleash the bobcat


I'm going into my third year of college and since starting college I have gained the reputation of being a 'bobcat' not quite a cougar. It all started after I had a bad breakup with my high school sweetheart at the end of my first year of college. I sought comfort from a close friend and we slid into the 'friends with benefits'. Our increased time together caught the attention of our circle of friends and was soon known that we were sleeping together. After a month of our romping around, he left for home.

A couple weeks later another close friend, Matt, called and wanted me to go to a mutual friend's wedding with him. With nothing better to do, I went. I crashed at his place for the weekend since I was almost 2 hours away from the wedding while he was 15 minutes. Matt being a well stocked bartender, started making us drinks the first night and we were soon in bed together, but only cuddled. The next morning both of us realized that there might be more than just friendship between us. We started dating soon after that weekend to the shock of our friends. It was an awesome summer fling, but that's all it amounted to.

I decided to stop dating and concentrate on my classes that fall with the exception of a few visits to my friend with benefits. My circle of friends started calling me the bobcat or cougar in training since it seemed to them that I was burning through men faster than they could learn their names. The nickname stuck and I got the reputation of being great in bed.


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