10 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas


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Our favorite earth-friendly dates. Go green dating!

These days being environmentally friendly is not only a trend but a necessity. But who says saving the earth can't be fun? In fact we suggest paring your passion for going green with the love in your life. iMag caught up with the experts from PlanetEarthSingles.com to find out!

Here are our favorite earth-friendly dates:


Green Volunteerism! Spend time learning and talking about causes or issues that are most important to you and your date. You both are most likely to be inspired, turned on, and energized by volunteering for something you believe in. For example, look in your neighborhood newspaper together and find out when local organizations are doing habitat restoration projects, feeding the homeless or walking dogs for the Humane Society. Start locally and as the relationship evolves, you can expand your volunteering together, nationally or globally.

Bike or walk to a community festival or fair. Go back to childhood and paint each other's faces with plant-based paints. Spend the day enjoying local music, food and fun!

Learn about the indigenous people in your area. Research the natural history of your community together. For example, take a hike and focus only on medicinal or edible plants, or research and attend a local Native American powwow.

Plan a green camping trip! Leave the city, phones, computers, and iPods behind and embrace nature. Quiet time spent in the woods promotes deep conversation and getting to know one another. Don't use plastic or paper throw-away products and do dishes together out of a sudsy bucket using green dishwashing soap. Play a game by candle light or try some star-gazing and bring a musical instrument to play at night (even if you're not a pro!). Finding Romance in the Great Outdoors

Make homemade paper together! Get crafty and use recycled paper and natural plant dyes to make one of a kind, green works of art. Use in a scrapbook to put your first date pictures in or write romantic love letters on.

Attend a local ballgame with your date. Take public transportation or walk to the stadium. Bring your own organic soy dogs, organic beer and organic cotton blanket. Snuggle up together as you cheer on your favorite team.

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