Text Message Flirting For Beginners

Text Message Flirting For Beginners

Text Message Flirting For Beginners

text message flirting
How to use your cell phone to start or spice up a relationship.

These days, women need to be technologically savvy not only for work, but also for their love lives. In today's dating world, men aren't limiting themselves to calling us. Instead, we've come to expect a flirtatious text or two after a date. If you hit it off, you might even take it to the next level of "sexting"—exchanging sexy images and texts.

Texting is a return to written language as a means of flirting—albeit with a modern twist. For most of the 20th century, besides the occasional love note, our means of romantic expressions were limited to phone and in-person chatter. Texting expands and adds nuance to the ways we express interest, connect and generate heat in relationships. Poll: Dating By Texting—Are You A Fan?

"Language is sexy," Dr. Susan Herring, professor at Indiana University's School of Library and Information Science, says. "Language is a powerful vehicle for flirting and making oneself look attractive in a gender-appropriate way." When flirting using technology, as opposed to talking, people are more aware of how they use words and symbols. For example, because a woman can't show her feminine side by flipping her hair or batting her eyelashes via text, she instead might use an extra exclamation point or the ever-popular emoticons. Of course, some folks wouldn't be caught dead using a smiley face to express emotion; it all depends on your style.  Emoticons For Your Love Life

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